Velocity helps provide working capital and funding solutions to growing small to midsize staffing companies. We facilitate client financial business assessments along with implementing the appropriate structure and discipline necessary to finance and advance your business.

Let’s face it…properly funding your staffing business can be difficult, confusing and overwhelming. We advise you through the many hurdles of business financing while enabling you to sustain your operations, maintain healthy development and monitor regular financial business activities.

Ideal clients include:

  • Companies who have been declined for traditional financing due to lack of business, personal assets, personal credit or length of time in business
  • Organizations who are growing with quality receivables
  • Situations where, despite overall profitability and increasing sales, the management of receivables and payables is a never-ending juggling act
  • Too much time is spent collecting receivables rather than generating them

All said and done…Velocity helps you focus on what you do best…What can we do for you?

How do we do it? As strategic advisors, we use our collective knowledge and resources to guide you through a proven process that powers you toward rapid growth and tangible results.

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