Max Velocity Program

Max Velocity Program

max-velocity-pageBusiness owners often become entangled in daily operations, hindering important executive decisions. As a prerequisite to selling one’s business, best practices must be implemented and properly executed to drive both growth and profitability.

Max Velocity is an invitation-only program for companies that are:

  1. seeking to exit their business while maximizing value
  2. have achieved a Velocity VOT score of 90 or above.

Velocity leverages its experience and expertise, creating optimum value for its clients by administrating a competitive bidding process leading to an enterprise exit. The Max Velocity strategic process compounds business valuations ensuring long-term benefits for all.

Velocity utilizes its vast knowledge in maneuvering the strategic process through until execution. Smaller qualifying companies can participate in the process and enhance their valuation by partaking in the exit strategy. For a larger standalone company with a niche differentiator, execution can be positioned to optimize valuation.

At Velocity we understand the whole is worth more than its parts but the parts deserve to be whole. Absolute success is around the corner, participate in a proven process and accelerate your success today!

Let Velocity run the process, while you run your business.

How do we do it? As strategic advisors, we use our collective knowledge and resources to guide you through a proven process that powers you toward rapid growth and tangible results.

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