Velocity is your strategic advisor, an evolving catalyst to propel your business forward. As well-versed staffing industry leaders, our team’s collective knowledge and resources empower our clients through proven processes toward unparalleled growth and tangible results.

Utilizing our unique shared services model, we provide a wide range of distinct services, including advisory, capital financing/funding, back office administration, compliance/risk management and recruitment. Our leadership and forward-thinking guide our clients through a customized roadmap, propelling companies to optimum success.


Velocity’s proprietary growth model is tailored to advance company acceleration, ultimately increasing margins and revenue while decreasing costs. The Velocity vision emphasizes value for our clients whether they are looking to expand their businesses or to grow their operations organically. Our professionals have joined forces with dedicated strategic alliances and resources to fully support our client’s business objectives while exceeding desired results.


We differentiate ourselves through our exclusive enterprise exit strategy, Max Velocity. Max Velocity is an invitation-only program that supports industry collaboration by uniting non-competing firms. Scalability, combined with Velocity’s proprietary growth model, enhances business valuations in preparation for a collective enterprise exit and absolute success.

All said and done…Velocity helps you focus on what you do best…What can we do for you?

How do we do it? As strategic advisors, we use our collective knowledge and resources to guide you through a proven process that powers you toward rapid growth and tangible results.

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